Sustainability at Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC

At Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to offer USDA-Certified U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish, a sustainable seafood choice that meets the highest standards for environmental stewardship and quality.

Local and Sustainable Feeding Practices with Low Food Miles

Our commitment to sustainability begins with our feed. We source our feed locally, reducing food miles and supporting local agriculture. The feed is primarily plant-based, utilizing minimal fish meal and fish oil, which helps protect ocean resources.

Efficient and Responsible Farming

Our catfish farms are designed for efficiency and conservation. We raise crops in our ponds for 10 to 15 years without draining the water, conserving both water and energy. Our highly efficient management practices ensure that we use resources responsibly and maintain a low
environmental footprint.

Rapid Processing and Fresh Delivery

Our catfish are delivered to the plant in chilled, aerated tank trucks. Within 30 minutes of arrival, they are processed and placed in a chilled bath of fresh water. This swift and efficient processing ensures the highest quality and freshness of our catfish, while minimizing environmental impact.

Native Species and Local Ecosystems

Our catfish are native to the Mississippi River Basin, making them a natural fit for our region. This helps us maintain the balance of local ecosystems and supports biodiversity.

Commitment to High Standards

For many years, U.S. farmed catfish has been recognized as a Best Choice for environmental sustainability by Seafood Watch. Now, we are taking our commitment to sustainability a step further by inviting the rigor of third-party USDA auditors onto our farms, hatcheries, feed mills, and processing plants. The USDA-AMS-PVP program ensures our practices are scrutinized and backed by U.S. standards, laws, and enforcement.

USDA Sustainability Certification Program

Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC Sustainability Certification Program

TCI Sustainability

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