We are proud that our brands are leaders in the U.S. catfish industry.


We are proud to be headquartered in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Consolidated Catfish Producers raises our catfish in above-ground ponds filled with pure water from deep aquifers. We feed our catfish a steady, scientifically formulated diet of floating pellets. These conditions entice the fish to feed at the top of the water, where they benefit from natural aeration and full sunlight.

​The care and conditions at our farm ensure a consistently mild-tasting product with a light, firm texture, even a little sweet. We sample catfish from each pond before harvest to make sure they are worthy of our name.

​We all want to serve our families the tastiest and most wholesome meals. That is our goal every step of the way. It is why each of us at Consolidated Catfish Producers goes to great lengths to develop the best practices and processes. It means that when you choose our brands, you will taste the results of that dedication.



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