Consumers know us for our catfish, but we also offer other tasty gulf seafood options to both consumers and restaurants.

Delta Pride Catfish

Delta Pride offers a variety of products for the discerning chef, retailer and consumer — from whole fish to fillets to nuggets. Our variety of catfish products includes specially breaded, bake-able and marinated options. All Delta Pride products are processed quickly and shipped refrigerated or frozen to grocers or restaurants to ensure you receive Delta Pride catfish Every Day Fresh.

Gulf Pride Shrimp

We offer the finest quality and best flavored shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf Pride secures products from independent shrimp fishermen operating from docks stretching from Texas to Florida. Tasty and Every Day Fresh.

Super Chilled Dry Pack Catfish

Delta Pride is the freshest name in fish! From the earliest stages, Delta Pride catfish are held to the strictest standards for quality.

Our fish are raised in above-ground ponds filled with pure water from deep aquifers. They’re fed a scientifically formulated diet of soybeans, corn, wheat and essential vitamins and minerals.

At Delta Pride our fish are quality and flavor checked 3-4 times before the pond is harvested and once again just before the fish enter the processing plant. We pay attention to detail.

Once a pond passes our extensive tests, the fish are trucked in water filled tanks aerated with oxygen to our processing plant.

Delta Pride has full-time USDA inspectors, so our customers can be assured they’re getting the highest quality catfish on the market.

After processing, our fish are immediately flash frozen or ice packed, then shipped in freezer or refrigerated trucks for delivery to food service and retail customers nationwide. Delta Pride is the freshest name in fish. Every Day Fresh!

  • All natural
  • Chem free
  • Sustainable
  • High in Protein
  • US Farm Raised
  • Ready to cook
  • Easy Preparation
  • Fresh, Never Frozen
  • Minimally Processed
  • No ice, no water
  • High cook yield, less shrink
  • Lower water bill costs/no thawing needed

Food Service Product List

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