We are proud that our brands are leaders in the U.S. catfish industry.


One great company, two incredible brands

Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC is one great company with two incredible brands: Country Select and Delta Pride Catfish.

Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC is a leader in all areas of the catfish industry. Our story begins in 1967 and continues to push into the future where we leverage our company’s longevity and unparalleled team of experts to guarantee the promise of our slogan: The Freshest Name in Fish.

Where we began

In 1967, the ConAgra Company in Alabama established a catfish brand called Country Skillet. After years in the industry, the business moved to the Mississippi Delta, where flat land, plentiful groundwater, and an ideal climate are perfect for raising catfish. Country Skillet moved its headquarters and built a new processing plant in Isola, Mississippi in 1977. Since that time, the plant has experienced six major expansions and has one of the highest live fish processing capacities in the industry.

In 1991, ConAgra entered into a joint venture with the farmer-owned corporation, Fishco, Inc., with 120 catfish-farmer-stockholders who sought a better market for their live fish. After three successful years of proper management and marketing, ConAgra and Fishco joined in business under the name ConFish, Inc., where both companies retained a 50% stake.

In 1997, ConAgra sold its half of the company to Dick Stevens, President, and CEO of Confish, Inc, along with three other local fish farmers. Early in 2000, with a renewed dedication to quality and freshness, the Country Select brand replaced the Country Skillet brand. The Country Select brand remains strong and dedicated to the same today.

In 2002, in an effort to simplify the company structure, Confish Inc. was reorganized into Consolidated Catfish Companies, LLC. This change enabled us to better serve our customers in the catfish processing and sales industry and cast a wider net in order to provide the freshest, best fish to more and more people.

In 2006 Consolidated Catfish Producers (dba Country Select) and Delta Pride Catfish joined together to merge sales, marketing, and distribution. At first, the two companies operated production plants independently, but they merged in 2008 to form one operating company known as Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC.

In July 2019, Consolidated Catfish Producers, LLC, executed a long-term lease for the South Fresh Farms Alabama catfish plant in Eutaw, Alabama. CCP acquired the business and retained the customer base.  This acquisition has provided an improved supply chain and service base.

Our Guarantee

Since this time, we continue to be an industry leader in farming and processing catfish. Through the years we made many business decisions to grow our impact on the catfish industry market, and we are proud to provide so many great folks with the world’s best catfish with a simple guarantee: Every day fresh!


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