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Looking for quick and easy-to-prepare dishes using delicious Delta Pride U.S. farm-raised catfish? Check out our Recipes section for great ideas and over fifty select recipes for everything from main entrées to dips, soups, gumbos and much more! >>

Delta Pride offers a variety of products for the discerning chef, retailer and consumer — from whole fish to fillets to nuggets and even side items like hushpuppies and corn fritters. Value-added additions to our catfish line include specially breaded, bakeable and marinated products. And all of our products are processed quickly and shipped refrigerated or frozen on our dedicated fleet of refrigerated trucks to guarantee the utmost quality and freshness.

Delta Pride set the standard for farm-raised catfish. Now, Delta Prime raises it. Learn more about our new deep-skinned product that's redefining how our customers look at catfish.
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View or download PDFs containing Delta Pride's product information. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to view the files. If you don't have it, just click on the link provided to download it for free. [ Get Acrobat Reader ]

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     IQF Whole Catfish     View PDF  
     IQF Catfish Fillets     View PDF  
     IQF Marinated Catfish Fillets     View PDF  
     IQF Catfish Nuggets     View PDF  
     IQF Breaded Catfish     View PDF  
     Fresh Catfish     View PDF  

   IQF Hushpuppies & Corn Fritters

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   Fresh Catfish     View PDF
   Chill Pack & Tray Pack Catfish     View PDF

   IQF Hushpuppies & Corn Fritters

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