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From the earliest stages, Delta Pride catfish are held to the strictest standards for quality.

Our fish are raised in above-ground ponds filled with pure water from deep aquifers. They're fed a steady, scientifically formulated diet of soybeans, corn, wheat and essential vitamins and minerals. And yes, it's top-water dining. The food is formed into floating pellets, so fish are conditioned to feed at the top of the water, where they can benefit from natural aeration and healthy sunlight.

Such care and conditions ensure a consistently mild-tasting product with a light, firm texture — never "fishy" — and even a little sweet. To maintain consistency from catch to catch, catfish from each pond are sampled prior to harvest in taste tests to make sure they're worthy of the name "Delta Pride."

Once a pond passes the test, its stock is trucked in aerated tanks to one of our nearby processing plants. Delta Pride is the only catfish processor in the country with full-time USDC inspectors, so our customers can be assured they're getting the highest quality catfish on the market.

After processing (a procedure we, yes, pride ourselves on for usually taking less than thirty minutes), our fish are immediately flash frozen or ice packed, then shipped in deep-freeze or refrigerated trucks for fresh delivery to foodservice and retail customers nationwide.

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